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E.H. Taylor Aramath Grain of the Gods

E.H. Taylor Aramath Grain of the Gods

In the nineteenth century, bourbon aristocrat Colonel Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. exuded a passion for producing the finest whiskey in the world. This bourbon honors Taylor�s enduring spirit of innovation and commitment to exceptional whiskey by introducing Amaranth as the flavoring grain. Amaranth was originally cultivated by the Aztecs and is known as the �Grain of the Gods.� This ancient grain is similar to wheat, but offers a complex taste with subtle flavors ranging from a nose of butterscotch and spearmint, to a finish of pecans and dark berries. Amaranth roughly translates to �never fading,� just like the legacy of Colonel Taylor, the founding father of the modern bourbon industry.



Fresh spearmint and honey, meet a subtle hint of cherry. Taste coffee and vanilla on the palate with a long finish of oak and honey.



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